Membership Information


Our goal is to disseminate and communicate information regarding hostage negotiation, crisis intervention, and barricade situations. To do this, a budget is required for administrative costs, trainers, and facilities for training. RMHN is a Non-Profit organization. Membership dues are $45.00 per year and are on a per member basis (sorry, no department group fees).


The Rocky Mountain Hostage Negotiators (RMHN) is dedicated to promoting professional and continuing quality training for hostage/crisis negotiators. RMHN was founded in June of 2000, by volunteers, and is a non-profit organization. Law enforcement officers, particularly crisis/hostage negotiators, recognized a need for ongoing, quality training. Click here for a letter from the President or take a look at our By-Laws. Material presented at RMHN functions is done so for the law enforcement professional. Neither the Board of Directors for RMHN, designer, and maintainer of the web site, or the instructors accept any liability or responsibility for the use of information presented.


To attend training with RMHN you must be a member. We rely on negotiators or those interested in negotiation for funding. Membership renewal is due on a rotating 12 month period from the time dues are paid. Funding goes toward setting up consistent training for you as negotiators.


To join or renew your membership please fill out the application form. As RMHN grows that means better communication and training for all of us. If you know a crisis/hostage negotiator or someone interested in the field that is from an agency not listed let them know about us. We are looking for representatives from the states surrounding Colorado. Please see our Board of Directors page for more info.